Friday, June 11, 2010

Counting Down: Mr. Do-It-Yourself

Father’s Day is the Groundhog’s Day of parent-praising-holidays. Each year, we celebrate Dad with what I like to call the default gift: a new tie and a cheesy card (the counterpart of jewelry and flowers on Mother’s Day). Why do we insist on showing how much we care by getting him a one-size-fits-all present? For once, Dad deserves a gift that fits his lifestyle.

When shopping for Father’s Day, it is a good idea to think about the type of dad you are shopping for. If he’s anything like mine, he is convinced that he can fix anything, or if he’s anything like Family Guy’s Peter Griffin, he is obsessed with a constant thermostat temperature. Whatever type of dad yours is, the team here at encourages you to keep him and his unique personality in mind while shopping. Starting from today, and for each day next week, we will feature a different "type" of SupplyHouse dad and some gifts that he will love.

The first type of dad we will be covering is Mr. Do-It-Yourself. When it comes to building or fixing something around the house, this type of dad trusts no pair of hands other than his own. He can build anything out of nothing and will fix things that are even half-broken. A well-stocked toolbox will be sure to keep him happy. Don’t forget the essentials: a wrench, level, tape measure, pliers, and a screw driver. Then take it over the top with some Malco cushion-gripped hand tools. Introduce him to the art of plumbing with a PEX Plumbing Starter Kit. And for someone who’s into more heavy-duty projects, a self-lighting soldering torch will really get him fired up.

All these items can be found at, and keep checking back next week for more Father's Day gift ideas!