Friday, July 30, 2010

Chill Out: No More Mini-Split Worrying

If a homeowner does not have central air conditioning, a good alternative would be to install a mini-split air conditioner in each room. When installing multiple mini-split units, many wonder whether the outdoor unit / condenser will be powerful enough to support the indoor units. The answer is: most likely yes. I know this is not the "definitely yes" answer you may be looking for, but please allow me to explain! Let's say you have two (2) 11,500 BTU single zone mini-split air conditioners installed in two separate rooms. However, your outdoor unit only supports 22,500 BTU. Don't worry about being short 500 BTU. What will happen is the one condenser will still work to power both indoor units, but at varying levels. It will power one unit at full blast, at 11,500 BTU, while it powers the other unit at 11,000. When the temperature of the first room is cool enough, the outdoor unit will shift more energy towards cooling the second room. It will modulate accordingly to provide for steady cooling in both rooms. Rest assured: both rooms will be cooled.

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