Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Clogged Soap Dispenser

A liquid soap / lotion dispenser is a sleek and contemporary alternative to an ordinary plastic bottle dispenser. It is installed directly next to the sink and is capable of handling all of your soap / lotion needs. However, after many uses, these dispensers may be prone to clogs. If suddenly, your soap dispenser is having trouble pumping soap, you may have a clog. Disconnect the device from the sink and soak the entire pump assembly in hot (not boiling) water. The hot water will loosen up any lumps and melt away some of the clots within the dispenser. Then, attempt to pump some of the hot water through the pump assembly. If nothing comes out the other end, take thin, soft piece of wire and carefully push it into the hole where the soap comes out until it can go no further. Do this carefully, as to not damage any of the pump's interior components. Remove the wire and soak the pump assembly again in the hot water. Try using the pump again. The wire should have freed any obstructions and the final soak in hot water should have helped loosen up any remaining blockages.

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