Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Slant/Fin Baseboard Splice Plates

The Slant/Fin residential baseboards and baseboard covers available on SupplyHouse.com are available by the foot in 2 to 8 foot lengths. For longer baseboard runs or distances that are a few inches away from a full foot, the solution may be a splice plate or filler sleeve. 2-inch wide splice plates cover small gaps between baseboard sections. Filler sleeves take care of larger gaps (7” or 14” for most models), and also include a back plate. Gaps between covers allow more spacing options. Right and left end caps can also lengthen baseboard covers. The covers can be cut if necessary, with a chop saw being the preferred tool. Visit SupplyHouse.com for Fine/Line 30, Fine/Line 15, Base/Line 2000, and Multi/Pak 80 baseboards and accessories.