Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Using and Maintaining Grease Traps

Grease traps are only designed to filter liquid waste. Solids should be kept out of the trap. A solids interceptor may be installed separately. The presence of solids in grease traps reduces the efficiency of operation and can lead to clogs. Solids are generally the cause of unpleasant odors that grease traps can emit. Grease traps should be cleaned every few weeks, depending on the amount of grease present. Cleaning a grease trap involves taking the cover off, removing the grease, and hosing the trap down. Waste grease, if properly recycled, can be used to create things like fertilizer and cosmetic products. If they are sized, installed, and maintained properly, grease traps will help home and business owners (as well as the environment). Visit to buy Zurn and Canplas grease trap products. Our new grease trap sizing video can help you select the best model for every application.