Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Regulating Comfort & Safety

While it is extremely important for the temperature of your hot water to be set high enough to kill off dangerous germs and bacteria, scalding injuries are a real danger in households nation-wide. A thermostatic mixing valve, such as the Watts Series MMV-M1 Thermostatic Mixing Valve, regulates water temperature through use of a thermostat in the mixing chamber of the valve. Responding to mixed outlet temperature changes, the thermostat moves the seat assembly, allowing for the cold or hot water inlet ports to release more water. In extreme cases, such as the failure of the cold water supply, the seat assembly would completely shut off the hot inlet water port. Conversely, if the hot water supply were to suddenly fail, the cold inlet water port would be shut off. A thermostatic mixing valve thus regulates a constant outlet temperature, ensuring comfort and safety.

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