Monday, March 01, 2010

Warm Floors Anytime of the Year

With Spring just around the corner, your mind is probably on blue skies and warm sunshine. But with fickle March temperatures sure to snap you back to reality, don't be deterred from your fantasy of walking on warm sand just yet. With electric radiant heated Suntouch Floor Mats, you can experience the warmth from radiant heated floors under your feet anytime of the year. Unlike conventional heating devices that warm the air, electric floor heating warms a room by warming the floor. Suntouch's radiant heated floor mats are easy to install. They are designed for rooms of all shapes and sizes and can be cut to fit (just be careful not to cut the blue heating wire). Safe to use in both indoor and outdoor applications, you can enjoy radiant heated floors whenever and wherever.

Suntouch Floor Mats, along with everything else you may need for your Electric Radiant Heat project, can be found at