Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lead-Free ProPEX Fittings

Uponor's ProPEX fittings have always set the industry standard for performance and reliability. Compatible only with PEX-A, they take advantage of the tubing’s uniform molecular structure that allows it to return to its original shape. To make a ProPEX fitting, you must expand the tubing (and an appropriately sized ring) with a proper tool. Then simply slide the fitting into the PEX and watch it shrink back to size, making a leak-proof seal almost instantly.

ProPEX fittings are now exclusively lead-free. “LF” fittings exceed United States Safe Drinking Water Act standards and are authorized for use in California and Vermont. They are approved for direct burial in soil and concrete slabs. When used with other Uponor products, they create a completely lead-free plumbing system, from inlet to faucet.

Uponor’s Engineered Plastic (EP) fittings provide another lead-free option for ProPEX systems. Available in a wide-variety of sizes, these fittings are also approved for direct burial in soil and concrete slabs. Their high-performance thermoplastic material meets the same ratings as Uponor’s tubing. Red brass and dezincification-resistant (DZR) fittings are produced in select sizes.