Tuesday, June 21, 2011

TrueZONE Panels Take the Heat

The four different models of Honeywell’s TrueZONE zoning panels serve one primary purpose: to make zoning easier. With a simplified installer set-up, HZ322 and HZ432 models communicate with thermostats wirelessly using Honeywell’s RedLINK technology. This reduces the number of wires in the living space. TrueZONE panels can accommodate between 2 and 4 zones, and the HZ432 is expandable up to 32 zones. The compact panels all measure 8” wide. Originally designed to withstand 150 °F temperatures for attic installations in warm climates, current TrueZONE panels can handle temperatures up to 165 °F. Visit SupplyHouse.com for the full selection of Honeywell zoning products.