Friday, July 08, 2011

Prestige Outdoor Sensor

The Wireless Outdoor Sensor is a key piece of Honeywell’s Prestige Comfort Systems. The sensor connects wirelessly to Prestige thermostats using Honeywell’s RedLINK technology. Two AA lithium batteries, which have a 4-5 year life, power it. The thermostat displays a 2-month low-battery warning when the sensor's batteries start to run low. The sensor automatically re-connects to the RedLINK network when new batteries are installed. It measures outdoor temperature and humidity, even allowing the Portable Comfort Control remote to display the current outdoor temperature.

A mounting bracket is included with the sensor. The unit should be placed away from direct sunlight and at least 6 inches below overhangs for the most accurate readings. The sensor simply acts as a transmitter. An unlimited number of thermostats within its range can pick up its signal. For more information on Prestige Comfort Systems, visit