Monday, July 25, 2011

“The Future of Hot Water”

The A.O. Smith NEXT Hybrid High Efficiency Gas Water Heater aims to combine the best features of standard water heaters with those of tankless units. Conventional units have the advantage of a storage tank, but can run low on hot water during periods of extended usage. Tankless water heaters can produce hot water indefinitely, but their production capability can be exceeded when many showers or appliances run at the same time.

The 100,000 BTU NEXT Hybrid is essentially a tankless water heater with a 25-gallon storage tank, giving it an impressive 189 gallon first-hour delivery rating. It uses flue gas from its tankless unit to heat the extra storage water. This unit, billed as “the future of hot water,” features a display that allows users to turn the unit off, initiate energy savings or “boost” modes, and adjust the temperature setting. Visit for more A.O. Smith products.