Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Reuse Brass ProPEX Fittings

It’s easy to remove ProPEX rings from existing fittings if you have access to a heat gun. Disconnecting the plastic ProPEX ring makes it possible to reuse brass ProPEX fittings. Keep in mind, however, that EP ProPEX fittings can only be used once.

To remove the ring, heat one side of it with a heat gun and cut through this portion with a utility knife. Be careful not to cut the tubing, as doing so could damage the fitting. Then work off the ring with pliers, being careful not to burn yourself on the hot part of the ring. After the ring is off, you can use the heat gun to warm the area of the fitting connection with the PEX-A tubing, making it possible to pull the fitting out. When you follow these steps to make new fitting connection, always ensure that the system is depressurized, that you make the new connection after a clean cut at least two inches away from the existing fitting, and that the fitting has been given sufficient time to return to its normal temperature.

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