Thursday, February 16, 2012

MANABLOC: 2 or 3 Supply Adapters?

The Viega MANABLOC manifold for “home-run” distribution of PEX lines to individual plumbing fixtures requires 3/4” or 1” supply adapters. Specially designed threaded, crimp, or PEX Press adapters can be used at the single hot and two cold supply ports. Most installations only require two adapters (one for hot and one for cold), as these installations supply cold water to the water heater by branching off the main line. In such situations, the MANABLOC supply port cap should be used to close off the unused port. A third supply adapter is only necessary when a water heater’s cold water supply runs from the MANABLOC to the water heater. Visit to find MANABLOCs, parts, and accessories.