Thursday, March 22, 2012

Radiant Heat Manifold Actuators

Loop Actuators for Radiant Heat Manifolds are the only way to set up multiple zones on a single manifold. See below a list of the actuators that are compatible with's heating manifolds.

Uponor TruFLOW: A3020416 two-wire thermal actuator, A3010522 four-wire actuator, or A3020522 motorized actuator + A2630028 adapter

Uponor EP: A3020416 two-wire thermal actuator + A2671300 adapter, A3010522 four-wire actuator + A2671300 adapter

Rifeng/Mr. PEX: MA-ACT two-wire actuator or MP700 four-wire actuator

Radiant Heating systems contain at least one loop/circuit, or run of tubing from a supply manifold back to the return. Manifolds can be separated into zones (areas controlled by a dedicated thermostat) with circulator pumps or zones valves. When a project calls for a single manifold containing more than on zone, loop actuators are the only solution. A zone can contain more than one circuit/actuator.