Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Flip Hot/Cold Lines on a MANABLOC

MANABLOC manifolds from Viega make it easy to run PEX lines to plumbing fixtures throughout your home. The MANABLOC combines your hot and cold manifolds into a single physical unit. Hot ports are labeled red and cold lines are labeled blue. All MANABLOCs come with more cold lines than hot lines (for toilets, outdoor fixtures, etc.). Stickers in the box let you mark each line with its associated fixture.

Besides possible confusion over the colors, there would be no reason that you couldn’t use the all the blue ports of a MANABLOC for hot lines and the all the red ports for cold lines (unless you must use the second cold supply port to feed your water heater). Although doing this is entirely possible in theory, it is unlikely that it would ever be necessary. Visit SupplyHouse.com to buy MANABLOCs and accessories.