Monday, May 21, 2012

Joist Trak Installation Noise

Uponor’s Joist Trak panels allow even and efficient heat transfer in hydronic radiant heat systems in which PEX tubing is installed in a joist bay. Just screw that panels to the joist bay and insulate below to maximize upward heat transfer.

Since PEX expands linearly as it gets hotter, it is possible that there will be noise in Joist Trak installations unless proper precautions are taken. Noise occurs when tubing expands and hits the far end of the hole drilled through a joist at a 90-degree turn at the end of a run. If tubing continues to expand, it has nowhere to move. The manufacturer recommends several methods for combating this noise:

• Drill larger holes in the joist
• Use open-truss span joints so that holes through the joist are not necessary
• Install shorter runs
• Use lower water temperatures when possible
• Install expansion loops for longer runs