Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hydronic Snow Melting with PEX

PEX tubing creates a wide-range of options for hydronic heating. From ceiling panels, to wall panels, to the more popular floor panels, PEX makes installations possible in many locations. When installed outdoors, you can use PEX to melt snow and ice. Some snow melt systems keep critical areas, (hospital entrances, etc.) clear, while others just save homeowners the effort of shoveling a driveway or walkway.

Snow melt systems require propylene glycol for freeze protection and proper drainage for melted water. Tubing should be spaced 12” apart at the absolute maximum. Thick insulation below the slab facilitates upward heat transfer. Automatic controls and sensors can initiate the system as needed, but simple manual controls may also be used. Visit for more information on hydronic radiant heating.