Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Tamper-Proofing your Thermostat

If you want to prevent unwanted changes to thermostat settings, you have several options. For public places and tenant rooms, a remote sensor might be your best bet. These sensors, such as Honeywell’s C7189U1005 for VisionPRO thermostats, mount in the location where temperature must be sensed. The thermostat itself (where settings are modified) can be installed in a less accessible area. Remote indoor sensors almost always disable the thermostat’s internal sensor. You can also use multiple sensors to create an average temperature for different areas of a house or large room.

Passcode lockout thermostats require a password before the temperature can be changed. Robertshaw i2 Series and White Rodgers Big Blue thermostats have password-protected full screen lockout options.

“Range stop” options are available on a wider variety of thermostats. This feature allows anyone to change the setting on a thermostat, but only within a certain specified range. Use this option if you want to prevent extreme changes to settings, but still give occupants a certain degree of control.

A final option is an old-fashioned guard box around the thermostat.