Friday, January 18, 2013

Lots of Options with the Multi/Pak

Slant/Fin Multi/Pak 80 baseboards only come with a single baseboard per package. The series derives its name from the fact that the covers work with multiple elements. Only the standard 3/4” H-3 element can be purchased as part of a complete assembly with cover. The high capacity 3/4” H-1, 1” H-4, 1-1/4” H-5X, and 1-1/4” steel H-6X elements are available individually to be installed with cover-only models.

With higher BTU output potential than standard baseboards, the Multi/Pak 80 is an ideal choice for rooms with limited wall space. The covers feature rust resistant nu-white galvanized steel and the H-6X element functions in either steam or hot water systems. Visit to find more Slant/Fin baseboards and accessories.