Friday, January 25, 2013

Triangle Tube High Efficiency Boilers

Triangle Tube offers high efficiency gas boilers for a wide array of hydronic heating applications. The Prestige Series includes two models. Prestige Solo boilers feature Fire Tube self-cleaning stainless steel heat exchangers and compact bodies. The new Trimax control speeds up system setup and connects to multiple circulators, controls, and boilers.

Prestige Excellence models combine all these features with domestic hot water. A built-in indirect water heater eliminates the need for a separate water heater, which saves on space and simplifies venting and installation.

Challenger Combination boilers provide domestic water with dual-purpose heat exchangers. They are one of the most compact boilers on the market today.

All of the boilers use condensing technology and can reach efficiency levels in excess of 95%. Find these and more Triangle Tube products at