Friday, February 15, 2013

hePEX: Now NSF Approved

Oxygen barrier PEX tubing is generally used in closed-loop heating systems to prevent oxygen diffusion and corrosion of ferrous metal components. Most brands of oxygen barrier PEX are not code-approved for use with potable water.

Now, all Uponor hePEX oxygen barrier pipe meets the necessary NSF codes for domestic water systems. Use extra hePEX tubing from a heating job on your next plumbing project, or buy hePEX coils to meet all your needs. Current hePEX tubing carries cNSFus pw-rfh ASTM F876/877 and PEX 5006 ratings stamped on the tubing. Older hePEX was manufactured using the same formula and would be safe in potable systems. Visit for more Uponor products and PEX tubing.