Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Honeywell Adaptive Intelligent Recovery

Programmable thermostats can provide energy savings by automatically reducing temperature settings overnight and during unoccupied periods. They function most effectively in heating systems with rapid heat-up and cool-down times, such as forced-air systems. In-floor hydronic radiant heat systems present a particularly difficult challenge for programmable thermostats. Such systems take a long time to heat up, and can even overheat the space as temperatures continue to rise after the set point has been reached and the system turns off.

Honeywell’s Adaptive Intelligent Recovery thermostat feature can help solve these problems. VisionPRO 8000, FocusPRO 6000, PRO 4000, and BasicPRO 2000 programmable thermostats all have this feature, which determines the length of time it takes for systems to achieve set point temperatures. They start systems early enough for them to reach their settings by the scheduled time, without overshooting the temperature. Find these thermostats and other Honeywell products on