Friday, March 01, 2013

Use a Tankless with an Indirect Water Heater

Indirect water heaters take advantage of an existing hydronic heating system to provide
large amounts of domestic hot water very efficiently. An indirect tank serves
as a priority zone on a heating system. When water in the tank drops below
the setpoint temperature, fluid from the heating system flows through the tank.
This fluid heats domestic water, but does not touch it or contaminate it.
Energy from the heating system is transferred to domestic water through a coil
in most cases, although some indirect water heaters feature a
tank-inside-of-a-tank design.

Since boilers
must run throughout the heating season anyway, they can heat domestic water without
expending much additional energy during this period. A boiler must also operate over the summer
months in order to power an indirect water heater, which can be less efficient. Using a
tankless water heater when the boiler is not needed to heat the building may be
worth considering, especially for those who live in areas that have relatively
short heating seasons. Tankless heaters offer an ideal solution thanks to their
small size and ability to produce more hot water in times of year during which
supply water temperatures are higher. Find indirect water heaters, tankless
water heaters, and more on