Friday, August 19, 2011

Honeywell Products for Cleaner Air

Honeywell offers three styles of air filtration products: the media air cleaner, the electronic air cleaner, and the TrueCLEAN. stocks all these systems, as well as replacement filters.

F100F and F200E Media Air Cleaners are Honeywell’s most basic models. They mount in the return air duct and require no electricity. Media filters strain larger particles, such as lint, before intercepting smaller particles that are jostled by random collisions with air molecules in the filters. The molecules cause diffusion in which the particles collide and stick to the filter, while filter-cleaned air circulates back into the home.

Honeywell’s Electronic Air Cleaners feature slightly more advanced technology. Their pre-filter screen traps large particles. Remaining particles are given a charge, rather than relying on natural charges (as Media filters do). Charged plates inside the unit attract the particles like magnets, before electrically-cleaned air passes through a post-filter and into the home.

TrueCLEAN, Honeywell’s newest and most advanced air filtration system, contains media filters with electronic enhancements - combining the best aspects of the older models. It captures dust and germs, and has been tested against flu and cold viruses. The system charges particles immediately (with an even charge). The interior media filter is continuously charged, which allows it to attract particles from all directions. This gives its MERV 15 filter the lifespan of a MERV 10 filter (i.e. fewer replacements). Finally, when powered, the TrueCLEAN destroys captured particles.