Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tekmar Radiant Heat Thermostats

Tekmar offers high-quality thermostats for in-floor radiant heating. They can be used with the model 079 slab sensor for in-slab installations. The sensor's cord measures 10 feet in length. The Tekmar 518 thermostat is not programmable and does not come with the slab sensor. The 519 package includes the 518, plus the 079 slab sensor. Tekmar model 510 thermostats are programmable, and combine with the slab sensor to make up model 511 packages.

For radiant heating applications, since it can take some time for temperature levels to change within the room, programmable thermostats are not of the utmost importance. Due to the nature of radiant heating (i.e. heating surfaces rather than the air), a slab sensor gives the best indication of the comfort level those in the room actually experience. See for more thermostats and radiant heating products.