Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Robertshaw I2 = More Options

Programmable thermostats allow users to stay comfortable with less effort and maximum efficiency. They save energy at night and during periods of the day when a building is not occupied, but ensure that desired temperature levels will be reached by the appointed time. Programmable thermostats generally have 4 daily programmable periods: wake up, leave for work, return home, and go to bed. These periods are completely modifiable, and can accommodate individuals who have unusual schedules. Most units allow different schedules for weekends.

The Robertshaw I2 Series of programmable thermostats gives the unique option of 6 programmable periods (also known as “events”) per day. Also configurable to 2 or the standard 4 periods, these thermostats make using a programmable thermostat even more flexible. In addition, these units feature a new Setup Wizard that makes installation a breeze. For more programmable thermostats and Robertshaw products, see