Tuesday, October 11, 2011

MANABLOC Supply Adapters

Viega’s MANABLOC PEX Plumbing manifold includes all fittings for the distribution ports. It is available with PEX press, crimp, and compression connections at these ports. The MANABLOC does not include any supply adapters for its three supply ports. This is because the MANABLOC can be fed with either 3/4” or 1” supply lines. Viega produces PEX press, crimp, and male NPT (threaded) supply adapters. SupplyHouse.com’s MANABLOC packages include two 3/4” supply adapters, along with mounting straps, an extra valve adjustment handle, and an end cap for the third supply port.

The third supply port remains unused (and should be capped off) unless the water heater’s supply line runs to the MANABLOC before it goes to the water heater. Generally, the water heater has a separate supply, making the third supply port unnecessary.