Tuesday, October 04, 2011

The Peerless PUREFIRE Boiler

The Peerless PUREFIRE gas boiler sets high standards for state-of-the-art, efficient operation. This condensing boiler can operate at efficiencies up to 97.3% and meets all Energy Star and United States federal tax credit requirements for 2011. Its LoNOx ratings make it legal for use in the State of California. The compact PUREFIRE boiler can be mounted on a wall with the included brackets. It also comes standard with a condensate neutralization system, float switch, and outdoor reset control. An advanced control board and LCD display further set the PUREFIRE apart from the competition. This boiler is made in the United States and has been tested extensively. Use the BTU Calculator at SupplyHouse.com to see which PURFIRE boiler would work for any application.