Monday, October 03, 2011

Zoning = Maximum Comfort

Uneven temperatures and cold areas throughout the house are common complaints homeowners make when asked about their heating systems. Zoning a heating system can solve this problem by breaking it into multiple areas, each controlled by an individual thermostat. It may be a necessity in large homes and spaces, because the temperatures in rooms located far away from the thermostat cannot be accurately monitored and maintained. Heating systems that are zoned provide the heat that is needed to maintain set temperature levels everywhere, leading to maximum comfort and efficiency.

Hydronic heating systems can be zoned either by circulator or by zone valve. Circulator-zoned systems have a separate circulator pump for each zone that only pushes water through a given zone when that zone calls for heat. Systems that are zoned by zone valve typically only use one circulator. Each zone’s valve opens when that zone needs heat (if it is a normally-closed valve). Forced-air heating systems zone with dampers that block air from moving to areas that don’t need heat. To find a large selection of zoning and heating products, visit