Friday, December 16, 2011

How to Connect PEX to PVC

In certain applications, including retrofits, it may be necessary to connect PEX to PVC. No single fitting can do this, but there are options. PVC fittings must be glued to PVC pipe. The opposite side of certain fittings has male or female pipe thread. A PVC x male threaded fitting, for example, could attach to a female threaded x PEX fitting. When threading plastic threads to metal threads, it is best to have male threads on the plastic fitting. When used together, these two fittings can connect PEX to PVC. The PEX fitting may be crimp/clamp, ProPEX, compression, or SharkBite style. The choice among these should be based on the tool individual installers own and prefer. offers Spears PVC fittings, Hercules PVC installation products, and a wide variety of PEX fittings.