Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Uponor "Engineered Polymer"

Uponor’s ProPEX fittings work with PEX-A tubing (including hePEX and AquaPEX) using the “expansion” method. A special tool expands the tubing and a corresponding ring, which shrink back to size around a ProPEX fitting. ProPEX fittings are reliable and have the same inside diameter of PEX tubing, minimizing any loss in flow.

EP ProPEX fittings, formerly “Engineered Plastic,” are now known as Engineered Polymer. The name change reflects the properties of the fittings more accurately. Always lead-free, EP fittings contain high-quality thermoplastic polymers. These materials have been in use in medicine and aerospace products for years, in addition to plumbing. Their durability makes them perfect for direct burial and otherwise demanding plumbing and heating installations,