Friday, December 30, 2011

Uponor's AQUACENTER Manifold

In “home run” piping schemes for plumbing systems, distribution lines run from a single manifold to each individual fixture. These systems cut down on the number of necessary fittings, promote stable water pressure, and speed up the delivery time for hot and cold water. Viega’s MANABLOC is a popular choice for home run PEX plumbing systems. With individual shut-off valves for each distribution port, it combines hot and cold manifolds into a single unit and is available with PEX press, crimp, or compression fittings.

For installers who want to use ProPEX expansion-style fittings with a valved PEX manifold for home run distribution, there’s Uponor’s AQUACENTER manifold. The manifolds can be installed in 3/4” or 1” hot or cold lines. They run 1/2” PEX-A to fixtures and use only ProPEX fittings. Multiple AQUACENTER manifolds may be joined together with the appropriate coupling. Supply inlet adapters and mounting brackets must be purchased separately. See for more PEX plumbing and Uponor products.