Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pain-Free PEX Stapling

Peter Mangone introduces a new way to tackle your radiant heating project: standing up! With the Reddi-Strip Stapler, there is no more bending, kneeling, or crouching to fasten PEX tubing. All you need to do is load the strips of flexible Reddi-Strip PEX staples, position the stapler over the PEX tubing, and fire away!

The Reddi-Strip Stapler utilizes Reddi-Strip Staples only. Use the S5RE-13 Reddi-Strip Staples on 1" foamboard and insulating tarp and the S5RE-16 staples on 1-1/2" and 2" foamboard. Although the staples are designed to securely fasten PEX tubing, tubing that is larger than 5/8" cannot be fastened.

To keep your Reddi-Strip Stapler in good shape, it is suggested that you regularly lubricate the chute opening around the plunging handle. Proper maintenance and proper use of your Reddi-Strip Stapler will leave it in good condition for future uses and ensure that sore backs and aching knees from PEX stapling are pains of the past!

The Peter Mangone Reddi-Strip Stapler and Reddi-Strip Staples are in stock at www.supplyhouse.com.