Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Water Tile Bodysprays

Have you ever wondered what could possibly be better than jumping into a hot shower after a long day? How about about jumping into a hydrotherapy experience? Kohler takes your shower to a whole new level with the 22-Nozzle and 54-Nozzle Water Tile Bodysprays. Each square-shaped tile delivers a different intensity of spraying power, allowing for an invigorating or calming shower. Choose the 22-Nozzle Water Tile for a high-volume spray, or the 54-Nozzle Water Tile for a soothing soak. Both Bodysprays have an adjustable spray face and are finished in brushed nickel. They are the perfect complement for any bathroom and the perfect fit for every lifestyle.

You can find both the 22-Nozzle and 54-Nozzle Water Tile Bodysprays at