Wednesday, April 21, 2010

PEX Installation Made Easy

Because PEX tubing is so pliable and flexible, it has become a convenient choice for those looking for an alternative to copper pipe in their plumbing and heating systems.

Whereas copper pipe calls for cutting and soldering to turn a corner, PEX requires neither. To create a 90 degree bend, just snap the tubing into a PEX bend support. Bend supports are designed specifically to help PEX tubing turn corners. They are available in different materials and come in different sizes that correspond with the various tubing sizes.

Although the thought of a tangled jungle of PEX may seem daunting, don't let it deter you! To keep PEX tubing organized, you can secure it with zip ties or PEX clips. PEX clips are also available in different sizes and can accomodate even the most cumbersome of set-ups.

With these handy installation tools, you will find that setting up a PEX system in your home is not only faster than installing copper pipe, but it is also hassle-free.

PEX bend supports, zip ties, PEX clips, and other installation accessories can be found at