Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Thermostat For Your Heated Floors

Suntouch electric radiant floor mats allow you to have warmed floors whereever and whenever you desire. Install them beneath tile, stone, or laminate flooring for a luxury that you can feel all year round.

Complete the experience with the Programmable SunStat Pro II Thermostat. The SunStat Pro II features an easy-to-read digital screen and 5-1-1 Day programming, which allows you to program settings to take place Monday through Friday, one for Saturday, and another for Sunday. For your convenience, the thermostat comes with 4 preset program schedules and 1 user program schedule. Just program your desired settings and the SunStat Pro II will automatically adjust the temperature according to your unique heating needs and schedule.

The Programmable SunStat Pro II Thermostat, as well as Suntouch Electric Radiant Floor Mats, can be found at