Monday, May 24, 2010

Pre-Sleeved AquaPEX

Wirsbo (Uponor) manufactures Pre-Sleeved AquaPEX Tubing to be used in hot and cold water applications. The high-density (HDPE) corrugated sleeves protect tubing during concrete slab installations and from soil, and its ease of installation and convenience makes it a worthy choice for commercial high-rise and residential slab rollout applications.

During installation, Pre-Sleeved AquaPEX tubing can be secured to the rebar with wire or zip ties. Since the tubing is not attached to the sleeve, troubleshooting problems is not an issue. It can be easily removed by detaching the tubing at the manifold and fixture and pulling it through. New tubing can then be threaded through the same sleeve without disturbing the slab or soil.

Pre-Sleeved AquaPEX tubing also acts as a barrier from the elements, shielding pex tubing from UV exposure during installation. Post-installation, its resistance to chemicals protects tubing from termiticides and pesticides.

You can find Wirsbo's Pre-Sleeved AquaPEX Tubing and various PEX Installation Parts at