Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Limited-Space Condensate Removal

Condensate removal pumps remove water that drips from an air conditioner evaporative coil or from gas furnace applications that produce condensate. For applications that require a small-space solution, Little Giant manufactures a line of Low Profile Condensate Removal Pumps. Measuring approximately 5" tall, 5" wide, and 12" long and weighing under 6 pounds, it is a smaller alternative to larger models. In addition to its compact size, the VCC-20YKS series features a vertical type pump unit, a leak and rust-proof tank, a stainless steel motor shaft, a built-in check valve, and a safety switch.

Little Giant's Low Profile Condensate Removal Pumps, as well as a variety of other Condensate Removal Pumps, can be found at www.supplyhouse.com.