Monday, May 10, 2010

Why Would I Need A Sewage Pump?

A sewage pump is used in situations where a septic or city sewage system is not located downhill from plumbing devices. In such cirucmstances, gravity alone will not remove wastes. A sewage pump, such as a Little Giant or Zoeller Sewage Pump, is the obvious solution to this common problem. The job of a sewage pump is to remove solids and liquids from a sewage basin, such as a septic tank, and move them upward to a sewer, septic line, or drainage area.

When purchasing a sewage pump, it is important to think about the amount of sewage that needs to be transported. If you are shopping for a residential sewage pump, look for one capable of moving between 5,500 gallons and 8.000 gallons per hour. Finding an appropriately-sized pump will ensure that the pump will last and not be overworked beyond its capability.

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